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Dental hygiene        fee £65

Our dental hygienists will advise you on correct home care and help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This includes professionally cleaning your teeth by removing plaque and tartar (usually called a ‘scale and polish’). However, perhaps their most important role is showing you the best way to keep your teeth free of plaque. Plaque is a sticky coating that forms constantly on your teeth. Hygienists also give advice about diet and about preventing tooth decay. 

Our hygienists play a key role in the care and treatment we provide, specialising in periodontal care. Gingivitis (gum disease) is very common and early symptoms may include bleeding, swollen, sore gums and bad breath. If left untreated it may progress to periodontitis that could result in eventual tooth loss. 


During your hygiene appointment, plaque – a sticky layer of bacteria – and the calcified form calculus (tartar) will be removed; this will help prevent the onset of gingivitis and periodontal disease.  We will also advise you on a daily oral healthcare routine, on the best dental products to use and inform you if you require additional care to maintain your gums.

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