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Facial Aesthetics                                                      

No matter how young we feel, the process of ageing inevitably leaves its marks on our faces. Facial aesthetic treatments, otherwise known as facial rejuvenation treatments, offer a non-surgical treatments way of reducing the signs of ageing on the face.


A natural, more youthful appearance can be achieved with a choice of treatments carried out by a fully trained, qualified and professional members of our team. The benefit of having such treatments done by dentists is that they have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy and can perform this delicate work in a precise manner.

As these treatments have become widely available and are much more affordable than cosmetic surgery, it’s important to understand what goes on during an appointment and what the effects of the procedure may be.

Book a free consultation with our principal Dr Belichka to discuss if the use of botox or fillers will be suitable for you.

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