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Tooth Extractions       from £150*

*Please note that the cost of extractions vary depending on the complexity of the case

Here are some of the common reasons why a tooth might have to be  removed:

  • pain

  • abscess

  • tooth decay

  • gum disease

  • prosthetics (false teeth)

  • to correct irregular teeth, remove extra

    teeth or to make space.

  • cosmetic (for appearance)

Usually tooth removal is straightforward and takes a few minutes. You should not feel pain during the procedure but you will feel pressure and hear noises.

What you should expect after a tooth extraction:

  • Some slight bleeding is normal for a day or so - this can be controlled with pressure over the area.

  • Your dentist will advise you about using painkillers to help ease any pain.

  • Some swelling and bruising is normal and usually at its worst on the second day, but should disappear within a week or two.

  • You might also have difficulty opening your mouth wide; again this generally returns to normal within a week or two.

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